Support Jake Hepple – His Life Matters

As Burnley football fans and friends of Jake Hepple, we were disgusted to see how the mainstream press and our club treated him. Jake has the right to freedom of speech; he also has the right to counter a divisive and false narrative pushed out by a Marxist organisation – Black Lives Matter.

We see time and time again how little white lives matter in the UK. If Black Lives Matter then so should White Lives. We want equality; we don’t want preferential treatment, we don’t want favouritism, we want justice, we don’t want people hating each other because of the colour of their skin, we want unity.

Black Lives Matter as an organisation will not lead us to unity, destroying someone for saying White Lives Matter will not bring unity. As friends of Jake, we ask all of you to help him out in whatever way you can. He lost his job and his career for exercising his freedom of speech, which right now, appears only to swing one way.

Please support Jake, support equality, and support freedom of speech. Let’s get Jake back up on his feet, and while we are at it, let’s show the finger to cancel culture, so they know we won’t be silenced or intimidated.

Thank you

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